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8 Common Behaviours that make You Look Needy

There’s not a day that goes by when a guy doesn’t email us asking for advice on a specific girl confused as to why he’s not “getting physical” with her even though she seems to like him, The truth is most guys confuse “boyfriend behavior” with “get her into bed” behavior. And if you start displaying “boyfriend behavior” BEFORE you’ve gotten her into bed, you come across as needy and TRY HARD, (and will NEVER sleep with her) Here are some examples of “boyfriend behavior” that if […]

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4 Attraction Building Benefits of the Pull Back

Did you know there is one simple “move” that will boost the attraction of level of any girl you’re dating? This one move (that takes almost no skill to pull off) taps more “psychological” attraction trigger points then just about anything else you can do. This one move is called “The Pull Back.” And its super effective. Calling (a little) less or not calling for a couple of days at a time. Wanting to see her (a little) less than you did in the beginning. Being (a […]

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Passing a Woman’s Tests

In the article below, we wanted to discuss one of the most critical elements to seducing that one girl you really want- your emotions. Unfortunately, most guys emotions DO NOT act in their best interest when it comes to getting a girl (especially when you really like her.) You’re emotions cause all kinds of mischief like making you act insecure, needy, clingy, and predictable – All things that MURDER attraction. The reality is that when these “emotions” take over – its like it disengages your logical brain. […]

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