Attraction Techniques

Passing a Woman’s Tests

In the article below, we wanted to discuss one of the most critical elements to seducing that one girl […]

Avoiding Mistakes

Avoid THESE Attraction Killers

I grew up watching John Cusak movies. I really wanted to believe that standing outside some girl’s window with […]

Unlock Her Legs

Seduction Tips

Engineering Love

In my previous article I talked about how you don’t get a woman to fall in love with you by things you say, Because love actually happens when she’s away from you, when she can’t stop thinking about you, when she finds herself repeating your name in her mind over and over again, And although she doesn’t quite understand why, she wants to see you so bad it HURTS That’s love. And its something you can actually “engineer.” The “Emotion Game” Love is what I call an […]

2 Techniques to Gain the Upper Hand with a Girl

I bet you didn’t know this, Every time a guy and a girl start talking, one person tries harder, and the person who tries harder holds less power. Once she recognizes that she has the power, game over, you lose, collect your consolation prize and go home. This why you’ve got to immediately establish that you have the upperhand, Here’s one of my favorite “power plays” early on, When you’re out at a bar or restaurant, say, “what do you want to drink?” Then order her something […]

#1 Reason She Wont Hook Up with You

Let me ask you this: Have you ever went to the dealership to buy a car, saw a car you really wanted, and still walked off the lot without purchasing anything? Why didn’t you buy? You didn’t buy for the same reason a girl doesn’t hook up with you even if she kind of wants to. She’s afraid of making a mistake. She’s afraid of buying a LEMON. Its NOT lack of desire that prevents you from buying the car, What prevents you from buying it is: […]

What Makes a Girl Fall in Love

Every day I get an email similar to this: “There is this girl I’m talking to. I really want her to be my girlfriend. What can I say to her?” Here is my answer: Nothing you can “say” will make her fall in love with you. In fact, you will usually “blow it” if you attempt to let a girl know how you feel (especially if it’s early on.) Here’s the problem most guys run into – Once they like a girl they think they need to […]